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9 months program


International space


Challenge, confidence & change

Founded: 2005

Program duration: 9 months

Program dates: September - May

Location: Hedensted, Denmark 

Students admitted: 246 

Countries represented: 47 

Language: International Sign & written English 

Price: DKK 82.000 ~ 11.000€ 

Upfront payment: DKK 1.000 ~ 1.611€

Monthly payments: DKK 8.750 ~ 1.174€



We believe in the idea of collaborative learning, and we strive to create a safe, informal learning environment where we encourage students to engage in each other’s learning process by sharing experiences, capitalizing one another’s resources and skills and being accountable to each other. You dare to play with different ideas and dare to fail as it is the failures we learn about. Frontrunners classroom is the place where respect to the diversity is highly valued, and you can discuss and disagree with respect to the diversity and curiosity for different backgrounds. 

We equip you with theoretical and practical deaf-led knowledge combined with your individual abilities, skills, and desires. You will be able to act as a catalyst for a social change you want to see in your national deaf community. You build your personal deaf resilience and get tools for the future private and professional life. 




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Frontrunners course is from Monday 5th September 2022 to Wednesday 17th May 2023. The arrival day is Monday 5th September 2022.

Internship is from Saturday 4th March 2023 to Monday 11th April 2023

You will not have food money during christmas holiday and internship. However, you are welcome to stay free at Castberggård during the Christmas holiday, but not during the internship. 


The holidays:

  • Autumn holiday from Saturday 15th Oct 2022 to Sunday 23rd October 2022

  • Christmas holiday from Saturday 17th Dec 2022 to Tuesday 3rd 2023 (lessons start again on Wednesday 4th)

  • Winter holiday from Saturday 11th Feb 2023 to Sunday 19th Feb 2023

  • Easter holiday from Saturday 1st April 2023 to Monday 10th April 2023

  • Off days (religious days): Bededag: Friday 5th May 2023

  • Off days (religious days): Kri Himmelfart: Thursday 18th May 2023 and Friday 19th May 2023. The departure day is Wednesday May 17th 2023

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